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One needs to download the files basic.dbf, header.txt, and scopmap.exe in the same folder.


·       Search in Scopus (advanced or basic); for example, the search “affilorg(scimago)” provided us with 77 records on Sep. 9, 2013;

·       Make a selection in the result (possibly “All”);

·       Click on “Export”;

·       Select as Output: “Specialty fields to be Exported”

·       Only “Source titles” should be exported;

·       Click on “Export”: a file “scopus.csv” is saved; for example, for the 77 records mentioned above;

·       Save the file “scopus.csv” in the same folder as the other files; one can paste different output files into a single file, but the routine expects an input file with the name “scopus.csv”. The file should only have a single header line as follows: “Source title,Link”.

·       One can now run scopmap.exe in that same folder; preferably from the C-prompt;

·       The file “map.htm” contains the overlay for this set to the basemap; for example, this map for the 77 records mentioned above.


Note that map.htm is overwritten in a next run and should be saved elsewhere.


The full basemap is available from here.