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SYNERGY.EXE to compute the reduction of uncertainty in a set of documents


[ See a new version of this indicator at https://www.leydesdorff.net/synergy.triads ]


This routine computes the probabilistic entropies generated when three sources of variance interact with the potential to reduce the uncertainty at the systems level. The indicator is formalized as configurational information (μ*) in McGill (1954), Abramson (1963), Jakulin (2005), Yeung (2008). It has been used to measure synergy at the systemís level.

The output files can be overwritten in each round! Save them separately if useful.

For more information:

Lucio-Arias, D., & Leydesdorff, L. (2009). An Indicator of Research Front Activity: Measuring Intellectual Organization as Uncertainty Reduction in Document Sets, (in preparation).

Click here to download the software routine .


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