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Industry & Higher Education 12 (1998, nr. 4) 197-258

Henry Etzkowitz and Loet Leydesdorff, "A Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government Relations: Introduction"

I. Transformation of the relations induced from the academic side: Louis P. Berneman and Kathleen A. Denis, "Evolution of Academic-Industry Technology Transfer in the United States"

Paula Leventman, "University-Industry-Government Partnership for Innovation: U.S. Technology Reinvestment Project: A Case History"

Sheila Tobias and Frans Birrer, "The Science-Trained Professional: A New Breed for the New Century"

II. Transformation of the relations induced from the industry side: Philippe Mustar, "Partnerships, Configurations, and Dynamics in the Creation and Development of SMEs by Researchers"

Adelaide Maria Coelho Baeta, "The Emerging Paradigm for Technology Learning in the Knowledge Society"

Lucio Biggiero: "Italian Industrial Districts: A Triple Helix Pattern of Problem Solving"

III. Evaluation of new patterns of collaboration Manabu Eto, "New Types of Cooperative Research in Japan"

Lorna Heaton, "Institutionalizing university/industry collaboration for the diffusion of intangible innovations: the case of computer-supported cooperative work"

Jane Marceau, "Triple Helix Relationships in a National Context: The Biomedical Industry in Australia"

Terry Shinn, "The impact of research and education on industry: a comparative analysis of the relationship of education and research systems to industrial progress in six countries," Industry & Higher Eucation 12 (1998, Nr. 5), 270-89 (Special Feature).

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