International journal of

Technology Management

and Sustainable Development

Volume 7 Number 3 - 2008

Special Issue: Knowledge for Innovation in Latin America



  193-204    New directions in Latin American university-industry-government interactions Jose Manoel Carvalho de Mello and Henry Etzkowitz

  205-221    The path to innovation: the Cuban experience Tirso W. Saenz

  223-235    Intellectual property protection, plant breeding and seed markets: a comparative analysis of Brazil and Argentina

Marcos Paulo Fuck, Sergio Salles-Filho, Sergio Paulino de Ciirvalho and Maria Beatriz M. Bonacelli

  237-249    Research organization in the university: the case of a leading Uruguayan group in basic science

Mdriela Bianco and Nilia Viscardl

  251-264    Business associations and their contribution to knowledge networks in Mexico

Matilde Luna and Ricardo Tirtido

265    Index