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Triple Helix Issue of Science and Public Policy Vol. 25, Nr. 6 (December 1998).

Henry Etzkowitz and Loet Leydesdorff (Eds.)

Introduction: The Triple Helix of Innovation

A. Triple Helix developments

Etzkowitz, Henry, José M. C. Mello, and Branca R. C. Terra: "When Path Dependencies Collide: The Evolution of Innovation Policy in the State of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil."

Jones-Evans, Dylan, and Magnus Klofsten: "The Role of the University in the Technology Transfer Process A European View."


B. The Triple Helix and Public Policy

Van Duinen, Reinder J.: "European Research Councils and the Triple Helix."

Fujigaki, Yuko, and Akiya Nagata: "Concept Evolution in Science and Technology Policy: The process of change in relationships among university, industry, and government."


C. Triple Helix Indicators

Anderson, Frances: "Where is Research Located in Canada? A Statistical Approach."

Potì, Bianca: "The Role of the Public Research System in the Creation of National Wealth."

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